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Best Video Game Consoles


There are many different video game consoles available right now, and all of them are preferred by at least some people. They have different pros, cons and features to suit different tastes and also come with very different price tags. So what makes up the best video game console? That depends on what exactly you are looking for and who will be playing it. Here are some of the best video game consoles on the market today.

Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii might be the most popular game console today, because it appeals to so many people, including those who might not otherwise be attracted to playing video games. Released at the end of 2006, the key feature of the Wii video game console is the wireless, motion-detecting controller. This allows the actions you make to literally translate to the actions of a character in a video game. It’s literally hands on control like never seen before in the video gaming world, and it’s caught on quickly with the public. Additionally, the Wii has been priced much cheaper than its main competitors, making it sometimes hard to find after being sold out. It’s great for any or all members of a family and kids of any age.

Xbox 360
Released in time for the 2005 holiday season, the Xbox 360 was the first of the latest generation of video game consoles to be released. Made by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 appeals to serious gamers who want to play some of the best and most realistic games. It also features the Xbox Live system, which allows players to connect with other people around the world, play against them and download new games and features at any time. Many people feel that for the pure gamer the Xbox 360 is the best video game console available.

Especially now with the release of the Xbox 360 250gb, this gaming console has become the choice of many gamers. The various features that the Xbox has make this gaming console reach new heights. All the improvements in this gaming console make up for an improved and better gaming experience. And come to think of it, this may be just the beginning. Who knows what’s in store for gamers with the next release of the future Xbox gaming console?

Playstation 3
The Playstation 3 is the most expensive of the newest generation of video game consoles, but many feel that this is the all around best video game console of the bunch, not just for video game players, but for those who want to have all of the latest cutting edge technology. That’s because the PS3 also functions as a Blu-Ray player, making it quite attractive to those looking to branch out into that form of home entertainment. The PS3 also has a great gaming engine that provides top notch graphics for its games.

Portable Video Game Consoles

Nintendo DS/Nintendo DS Lite
The Nintendo DS Lite is a popular portable video game console. The DS Lite features a screen that you can touch and write on, providing many interactive features, unique games and creative gaming elements. The DS Lite is the perfect video game console to give to a child to keep them occupied and happy on long trips!

Playstation Portable (Sony PSP)
The Sony PSP is the portable video game console made by Playstation. It is known for its impressive graphics and screen quality despite its small size. That makes it very attractive to the gamer on the go and people of all watches that want to entertain themselves, whether on the daily commute or a long trip. The PSP features many similar titles that are actually played on the main Playstation 3 video game console.

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